Seifsa Wage Agreement 2021

Seifsa Wage Agreement 2021

The SEIFSA (Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa) has announced its wage agreement for 2021. The agreement brings a much-needed boost to the wages of employees in the industry, following a difficult year with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the economy and income levels.

Under the agreement, workers in the industry that fall under the Main Agreement will receive a 4.4% increase in their wages. This includes workers in the engineering, steel, and related industries. The wage increase will be effective from July 1, 2021, until June 30, 2022.

In addition to the wage increase, the agreement also addresses other important issues such as the training of apprentices and the establishment of a substance abuse policy in the workplace. The policy will aim to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for employees, while also reducing the risks associated with substance abuse.

Moreover, the wage agreement recognizes the importance of creating sustainable jobs in the industry. Therefore, the agreement includes initiatives that will create employment opportunities and contribute to the growth and development of the sector.

SEIFSA’s CEO, Kaizer Nyatsumba, has highlighted the importance of the wage agreement in ensuring the continued growth and stability of the industry. He noted that the agreement strikes the right balance between addressing the needs of employees and ensuring the sustainability of the industry.

Overall, the SEIFSA wage agreement for 2021 is welcome news for workers in the industry. The increase in wages, together with initiatives to create employment opportunities and establish safe working environments, will contribute to the long-term growth and success of the industry.

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