Agreement Crossword Clues

Agreement Crossword Clues

Agreement crossword clues can be tricky to solve, especially for those who are new to crossword puzzles. These types of clues require you to think outside the box and consider different meanings of words. In this article, we`ll provide some tips on how to tackle agreement clues and give you some examples of common agreement phrases you might see in crossword puzzles.

First, it`s important to understand what agreement means in the context of crossword puzzles. In this case, agreement refers to a word or phrase that has two different meanings, but both meanings relate to the same idea. For example, the word “match” could refer to a game between two teams, or it could refer to a stick used for lighting a fire. Both meanings relate to the idea of two things coming together and producing a result.

To solve an agreement crossword clue, start by looking at the clue itself. Is there anything in the wording that suggests there might be two meanings to the answer? For example, if the clue is “Agreement between two parties,” you might suspect that the answer could be a phrase that has two different meanings related to parties.

Another strategy is to look for words within the clue that could have multiple meanings. For example, if the clue is “Agreement to pay,” the word “pay” could be a clue that there are two meanings at play. In this case, the answer might be a phrase that could refer to both paying money and paying attention.

Some common agreement phrases you might see in crossword puzzles include:

– Meeting of the minds

– Common ground

– Mutual understanding

– Joint effort

– Same wavelength

– On the same page

– Handshake agreement

– Verbal contract

– Consensus building

– Meeting halfway

When solving an agreement crossword clue, keep an open mind and be willing to consider different possibilities. Remember that the answer might not be what you initially expect it to be, and that`s part of the fun of solving crossword puzzles!

In conclusion, agreement crossword clues can be challenging, but with some practice and the right strategies, you`ll be able to solve them with ease. Remember to look for clues within the clue itself, consider different meanings of words, and keep an open mind. Happy puzzling!

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